The Green Alternative To Traditional Copper Scrap

“I’ve given up paper and cardboard, I need to move my metal clutter to a scrap gold recycling centre,” says David, a Sydney resident. “And I also need a place where I can do that.” After much deliberation, David found the perfect solution – a metal recycler in Sydney’s outer harbour area, which is just a few minutes away from his business in CBD. Austick Copper Recycling Sydney

“Austick Copper Recycling Sydney”, as the name suggests, is located just north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the Princes Highway. “We started out as just a bunch of guys trying to break into a big project here in Sydney,” says David. “We quickly realised that we needed to expand and that meant moving into larger premises and getting more equipment. That’s when we really began to think about how we were going to change the industry.” The result is a fleet of state-of-the-art scrap copper recycling machines in Austin that are purposely set up near popular car-repair and oil changing places – so customers can conveniently walk in and get their scrap copper repaired or received for processing, right there in the workshop.

“It makes a lot of sense when you think about it,” says David. “If you have a service station down the road from your office, wouldn’t you rather be able to drop your vehicle there and get your scrap metal repaired? We wanted to provide a convenient way for clients to do this. When they come in, they can simply hand over their car keys over to us and we’ll take care of the rest.” This has become the core mission of the company’s scrap copper recycling Sydney service – to make it simple and convenient for clients to get their scrap metal repaired.

“When we first set up shop, we didn’t have all the necessary equipment to handle the volume of copper coming in,” says David. “But we quickly realized that the equipment we had wasn’t designed to handle everything. For example, there were only two rollers in place to process copper scraps. But once we added the third roll, it became too much of a hassle.” So instead of spending more time sorting through it, taking it to a smelter, or processing it further into other products – the company decided to set up its own machines to do the job.

“We scrap metal as a matter of routine,” David continues. “We have over the years seen an increase in the amount of copper scrap we take off our clients’ hands. And because we now have the right machines in place to do the job right, clients are able to have their scrap metal recycled as fast as they bring it in.” This has helped them tremendously with their business – especially with the growing demand for scrap copper accessories.

“What we are doing is recycling an increasingly growing amount of waste material,” says Michael Buda, operations manager of Austick Copper Refining Company. “And with clients also demanding more out of their copper accessories, we are able to provide what they are looking for – durability, design, and most of all, functionality.” And this is just the beginning. “We have also begun to take on small custom projects, which have been a great help as well.”

“All told, Sydney’s Austick Copper recyclers have the right machinery to handle any given project,” says Steve Martin, president of the Australian Industry Association of Recyclers. “Copper recycling in Australia has come of age.” “It is now well established and has a sound reputation for reliability and quality performance,” he continues. “And in Sydney, where you’ll find both the Aussie consumers and the international tourists demanding recycled metal products, it’s having an even bigger effect on our national economy.”

“Sydney has an impressive history of recycling in both the residential and commercial sectors,” says Martin. “And with so many different sources coming online in coming years, the demand for copper recyclers will continue to grow. As a result, we can expect a further growth in productivity and profits for companies that specialize in recycling copper.” So not only is recycling copper an environmentally friendly idea, it also makes good business sense.

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