Singapore Grand Prix – The Much Awaited Formula One Event in Asia

Though the inaugural Singapore Grad Prix is scheduled to be held this year in September, Singapore has long been a part of Automobile racing dating back to 1960s in the racing history. From 1960s to 1970s Singapore held Grand Prix races in its Thomson Road Circuit. It started out as the “Orient Year Grand Prix” though after one year it was renamed as Malaysian Grand Prix. Only after two years, Singapore de-merged with Malaysia and gained independence in 1965. The Grand Prix was renamed Singapore Grand Prix and continued its races for about 7 more years before it ceased due to a number of reasons.  

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The FORMULA 1(TM) SingTel Singapore Grand Prix which is named after its main sponsor Singapore Telecommunications is scheduled to start off on 28th September. The event has sparked much enthusiasm in the racing community due to a number of reasons. The competition will be first of its kind as it will be the first street race in Asia and the first ever night race for Formula 1. Apart from the thrill and excitement the night race concept will also be a great solution for live broadcasting as it will be convenient timing especially for in European audiences.

The race is scheduled to be held at Singapore Street Circuit, which is located around Singapore’s Marina Bay area covering a length of 5.2 kilometers. The circuit is an exciting track going through Singapore’s urban landscape offering a thrilling night time racing experience for spectators. The track has 24 turns, consisting of 14 left and 10 right turns and passes through some iconic Singapore landmarks such as Raffles Boulevard, St.Andrew’s Road, Turn 10 and Anderson Bridge.

The excitement of the race is growing day by day as Singapore whole heartedly prepares for this grand event. Tourist arrivals due to this event are expected to rise significantly and many hospitality and commercial establishments in Singapore are also preparing for this grand event. There are a number of Singapore hotels located near many of its local landmarks and close to the street racing circuit. Many delightful restaurants, eateries and entertainment facilities are scattered all over this metropolitan hub offering any one visiting Singapore ample opportunity to shop, dine and enjoy a great time.


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