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In this new series of five web serials, “TeluguWebSeries: Beyond Breakdown Streaming,” titled as Web Series Gaminu Aditiya, Hyderabad-based actress Sumeeth Saha has seven free webisodes to her credit. The actresses first came to the forefront after they were featured in the popular television program “Titanic.” In that series, they played the role of two sisters who had left their hometowns for England, because of their love affair with a British naval officer. In this latest release, they are back as sisters and have moved to Singapore.

The website Tumblr provides several free Tumblr accounts for users to view previous writings by Saha, mostly in the genre of Urdu poems. In one such account, entitled “teluguwebsite,” Saha uploaded a poem she had composed while staying in Singapore. The poem, entitled “Nazar Masam Aloor,” was inspired by the life of a fictional character in one of her earlier novels. This poem inspired one of the songs of her current band, “Sara Smile.” Viewers who are familiar with Urdu poetry, and even those who are not, can easily identify with the poem.

In the comedy series “Telugu webseries,” titled “telUGumemes,” comedian Sunny Leone plays the lead role. The webseries follow the daily life of Sunny, a young girl who lives in Singapore and is part of the multicultural society in the nation. She is shown as cheerful and outgoing, but has a deep-rooted fear of getting separated from her younger sister, Mandy (Kerry Yi), who is from an ethnic Indian family.

Like “telugu webseries,” the current installment of “Telugu webseries” follows the daily life of Sunny, Mandy and their friends. Unlike the former show, however, the new one follows a more realistic plot, one that deals with the effects of separation and emotional trauma that often take place in families when one of the members returns from war. Viewers who are familiar with teluguwebseries will recognize many of the key plots and characters from this show. However, those who are not familiar with the language may be somewhat overwhelmed by the depth of the subject matter, which can be rather detailed and complicated for some. Fortunately, there are several excellent sources available to help refresh viewers on Sunny’s world, as well as those of the other characters in this humorous sitcom.

One of the best ways to get acquainted with the world of “telugu webseries” is through the use of Instagram. The popular social media site has many users posting photos of themselves and others from different parts of the world. If you’re familiar with the style of Telugu comedy and Instagram’s feed function, you can make use of it to check out the photos posted by people you know on Instagram. The same goes for fans of the web sitcom, who can use Instagram to keep up on their favorite characters and see how they’re doing with the show. You might even decide to go straight to the episodes and begin following them!

Another great place to find interesting information on the world of Sunny is through Tolywood. Started a few years back by British comedian Paul O’Neil, Tolywood has been going strong ever since its launch. The website features several posts from different people around the globe, most of which are in the genre of teluguwebseries. The site has gained enough popularity that several South Indian actors and actresses have featured in its posts. So if you love Telugu cinema and happen to be looking for interesting trivia about Indian movies or Indians in general, you can browse Tolywood and see what you can learn.

Finally, another great way to keep up on the latest trends in India and Indian online media is through the use of hashtags. What are hashtags? These are short conversations that start on Twitter and suddenly spread all over the internet, like wildfire. The most famous example of a trending topic being driven by a user in India was when the actress Salmaan Khan spoke about marriage in a tweet; her followers quickly took to the idea and changed their Twitter photo to a marriage certificate.

These are just two of the many interesting ways to keep up with the latest trends in India and Indian online media. If you haven’t checked out the webisodes of I Love Telugu, I strongly recommend it to people who want to see more in-depth entertainment while they are online. I Love Telugu is definitely a must-see web show for anyone who has a keen interest in Indian cinema. You can watch I Love Telugu on Hulu and other prominent streaming websites right now.

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