Drain Cleaning Made Easy With A Plumbing Auger

Drain cleaning is an important part of residential plumbing upkeep. Over time, grease and oils begin to build up in drain pipes, causing accumulated water to back up into your home. You probably also want to clean out of your sewer line to pave the way for proper drain flow so that water doesn’t pool and cause an overflow. more info

Professional plumbers utilize a variety of drain cleaning methods to keep out obstructions. One common solution is high-pressure jetting. Another is cleaning with hydraulic machinery. There are new technologies and tools available that will help even the most amateur do-it-yourself sewer maintainer clear blocked drains. Here’s a look at some of these solutions.

High-pressure jetting is the most common plumbing cleaning solution used by plumbers. It consists of shooting water at pipes using very high pressure. Water is directed down the drain at a high rate of speed, washing away clogs and allowing the water to exit a pipe at a faster rate. This technique is often used when there is no other way to clear a clogged drain.

A typical problem that can occur is when a plunger simply won’t work. When this happens, professional plumbers recommend using a plumbing snake. If you have never used one of these plumbing tools before, you may be concerned that they’re dangerous or ineffective. However, the majority of them are safe enough to use by the average do-it-yourselfer. Using a plumbing snake is not only effective but is also relatively easy to learn how to do.

Aside from using a drain cleaning snake, other methods of removing clogs in sewer pipes include sewer jetting and suction-type devices. Sewer jetting is one of the most popular drain cleaning options available, but it has some disadvantages. Some homeowners prefer suction-type plumbing tools over sewer jetters because they can reach the deeper parts of a sewer line. Jetting is effective for removing small and large clogs but doesn’t work well on extremely clogged sewer pipes. Another disadvantage is that some homeowners aren’t able to afford this type of service because they cost several hundred dollars.

One of the most popular alternatives to traditional plumbing cleaning solutions is to use hydro-mechanical drain cleaners. These products use powerful jets to blast detergent into the pipes, removing foul odors and helping to dislodge clogs. Some homeowners like to use them because they cause less disruption to the environment. However, not all homeowners find them effective. Drain cleaners are typically more effective if they’re used in combination with other drain cleaning solutions. They can also be beneficial for commercial establishments that have sewer lines that must be regularly maintained.

There are two primary types of drain cleaning solutions available – oxygenating and oxidizing drain cleaners. An oxidizing drain cleaner consists of a combination of oxygen bleach and an oxidizing agent such as sodium hypochlorite. The oxidizing agent is added during the manufacturing process. Oxygen bleach, which is the active ingredient in most brands, works by striking at the hydrogen bonds found in oil-based stains, grease and organic compounds. This causes the hydrogen bonds to break down, allowing the grease and oil to escape. However, oxygen bleach can also damage pipes if it gets into the pipe.

Drain snake cleaning using a plumbing auger is a popular alternative to standard snake cleaning techniques. A plumbing auger is a specialized drain snake tool that is driven by a power cable through plumbing pipes. The tool has a narrow shaft and a long tip. The tip of the plumbing auger is used to snake cleaning agents through the pipes, and the shaft allows you to reach areas that snake cleaning tools cannot reach.

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